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    Elissa’s story is one of hard work, community, and service. Those are the values she learned growing up in Michigan, and they’re the values that she’ll bring to the U.S. Senate.

    A third generation Michigander, Elissa was shaped by her early life on her family farm in Holly, Michigan. Elissa has dedicated her life to serving our country and protecting our homeland – first in the CIA, where she served three tours in Iraq alongside the U.S. military, and later at the White House, State Department, and finally at the Pentagon.

    Her family story is “made in Michigan,” starting with her great-grandfather. He came to the United States and lived the American Dream when he founded the family meat business, Hygrade Foods. The company created a number of food staples beloved by Michiganders, including the famous Ballpark Frank, first sold at Tiger Stadium.

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    Delivering Results for Michiganders

    Elissa believes that our government works best when we have two healthy parties that debate the big issues facing Americans. She has always tried to work across the aisle on issues like bringing critical supply chains back home, but she always stood her ground when it comes to issues of principle, like protecting our rights and our democracy.
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